A bite to eat in Burlington Arcade

If you fancy a nice cup of tea and some beautiful, tasty macaroons you can’t do better than Ladurée in Burlington Arcade.

There are a few tables outside, where you are protected from the elements by the arcade itself.  Just perfect given the renowned unreliability of the English climate.  So take your position for a spot of people-watching in this illustrious shopping arcade and enjoy macaroons to die for.

Ladurée was established in 1862 but the tearoom and the famous macaroons did not arrive until the 1930s.  It became a Paris classic and remained a one-off until bought by the Holder Group in 1993 who expanded to the major cities of the world. Thanks to this expansion, we can enjoy violet and licorice macaroons (and a host of other flavours) in the heart of London’s shopping area.  Once you’ve eaten your fill, it’s just a short stroll to Bond Street, or check out Waterstones and Fortnum and Mason on Piccadilly.

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