& Other Stories, Regent Street, London

The much awaited new store offering from H&M, & Other Stories, has opened on London’s Regent Street (and simultaneously in Berlin and Copenhagen).



Cos, also by H&M, has long been one of my favourites, for its simple, classic silhouettes.  & Other Stories bears obvious similarities with Cos, but is its brighter, zanier and more feminine sister.

Prices are more expensive than H&M, but the quality looks good and presentation is up-market, fun and light.  On the whole, it’s for a younger crowd than me, but there were still many items that appealed.  I didn’t come away empty-handed, and I reckon that £108 for a pair of shoes, a knitted jacket, a pair of earrings and 2 nail varnishes is good value.

The clothes range is based on 4 collections, 2 designed in Paris, 2 in Stockholm. The aim is to have modern classic pieces that will last multiple seasons: it’s not going to stock the latest catwalk trends à la Zara. There’s also an attractive range of lingerie plus sizable beauty and shoe departments on the first floor.

If you can’t get to London, Berlin or Copenhagen, you can shop online at stories.com.

Originally posted 14 March 2013.

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