Shopping for Trinkets in Scottsdale

With its fountains, statues and marvelous art galleries, Scottsdale is a pleasant place to wander for a while. It is also a good place to shop for Arizonan trinkets.  I hope you enjoy these shop windows as much as I did. Finally, cactus anyone? anywhere? . Posted as part of the Thursday Lingering Look atContinue reading “Shopping for Trinkets in Scottsdale”

Y is for… YOU

It’s not ME it’s YOU, to be precise.  I have featured this quirky British brand before, but with Royal Ascot starting today, I just had to share these new designs with you. Related articles: It’s not ME it’s YOU Funny! . Posted as part of Frizztext’s Tagged Y challenge.

Santon Window Display

This shop had an incredible window display of santons. Escoffier have their workshop in Aubagne, and a shop here in Marseille, just behind the Mairie. These traditional figurines are also known as santons de crèche.   In a traditional Provençal crèche, there are 55 individual figures representing various characters from Provençal village life such as the scissors grinder, theContinue reading “Santon Window Display”

Hermes Through the Window

Although we are still lacking summer weather (or even spring weather, I mutter as I huddle next to a radiator) the British summer sports and social season is starting.  It’s the Derby this weekend so I thought I would share these horsey scarves from Hermes, taken through a department store window. . Posted as partContinue reading “Hermes Through the Window”

Bold and bright furniture

Do you feel your home needs something to brighten it up? Then I have the answer: These bold and enthusiastic furnishings are by Squint, an independent, British design company. Squint was the creation of Lisa Whatmough, whose passion for textiles and eye for design imbues each piece with a clear visual signature that mixes agesContinue reading “Bold and bright furniture”