Retro is the New Old

For all things retro or vintage, you can’t do better than head to Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  A particular favourite of mine is Retro Rehab.  You can’t miss its bright facade and enticing window display.   This is a great little shop with something of a celebrity following.  There is a wide variety of clothing, usually inContinue reading “Retro is the New Old”

Graffiti at Urban Outfitters flagship store, London

The new Urban Outfitters store at Park House on Oxford Street, London is now open. It is large, bright and inviting. In accordance with its name, the urban theme includes graffiti on walls and furnishings. Upstairs you’ll find a music listening station: and a good selection of mainly art-related books, plus clothing and some gifts andContinue reading “Graffiti at Urban Outfitters flagship store, London”

A Word a Week Photo Challenge – Cloud

One definition of “cloud” is “something that darkens or fills with gloom”.  I prefer, however, the light, white fluffy clouds against a blue sky and the feelings of joy that brings.  Similar to an hour or so spent exploring in “Cloud Cuckoo Land” in Islington.  This is a great vintage shop at 6 Charlton Place, just offContinue reading “A Word a Week Photo Challenge – Cloud”

Melancholy Moscow

I have just returned from a brief trip to Moscow. The weather there was bitterly cold, something it happened to share with China which was having its first harsh snows of the winter. Something Russia didn’t appear to share with China, however, was a desire to provide customer service. If only the Muscovites had beenContinue reading “Melancholy Moscow”

Classy Kings Road

I hadn’t been shopping on the Kings Road for a year or two and was delighted by what I found there this weekend. It has always had a trendy reputation. I remember coming to London with my parents as a young teenager, looking for a pair of hot pants. And yes, that does rather giveContinue reading “Classy Kings Road”

Manchester’s Northern Quarter for quirky, independent shopping

Manchester is a great shopping destination. The Arndale Centre has all the regular high street outlets: Reiss, River Island, Hobbs, LK Bennet, Hollister, Warehouse, … Or pop across to Exchange Square for Harvey Nicholls and Selfridges. But my personal new discovery in Manchester are the smaller independent and one-off shops in the quirky Northern Quarter. Continue reading “Manchester’s Northern Quarter for quirky, independent shopping”

Independent Islington

Anyone who has shopped regularly in UK shopping centres and high streets knows all too well that most of them look the same!  But there are plenty of independent shops out there if you know where to look. Let’s start with Islington, just a quick hop from Kings Cross by bus or tube to theContinue reading “Independent Islington”