Santon Window Display

This shop had an incredible window display of santons. Escoffier have their workshop in Aubagne, and a shop here in Marseille, just behind the Mairie. These traditional figurines are also known as santons de crèche.   In a traditional Provençal crèche, there are 55 individual figures representing various characters from Provençal village life such as the scissors grinder, theContinue reading “Santon Window Display”

Make your own Knickers

It’s hard to find a good range of haberdashery and craft products on the UK High Street.  My go-to-place in London for a browse and a spot of inspiration in London is Liberty’s. This week I found something that made me smile: make your own knickers! . Liberty, Regent Street, London W1B 5AH

Shopping Delights in Marseille

One of the factors that prompted me to start this shopping blog was my frustration at the uniformity of shopping these days.  All UK High Streets look the same, and it’s not much different in other towns and cities around the world.  One of my aims, therefore, is to discover and share independent shops andContinue reading “Shopping Delights in Marseille”

Hat Workshops in Marylebone

This week I attended a hat and headpiece workshop at VV Rouleaux in Marylebone.  It was great fun, very informative and I came away with a lovely headpiece that was all my own work. Spaces were strictly limited, so there were just seven us there to learn new skills, with three members of staff toContinue reading “Hat Workshops in Marylebone”

Highlight on Art and Craft Shops

Good art, craft and fabric shops seem few and far between in Britain this days.  Many department stores have ditched their haberdashery departments and not many high streets feature a craft store. However, I have come across a few on my recent travels, and thought I should share my colourful finds. Stoke Newington has UltimateContinue reading “Highlight on Art and Craft Shops”

Silk in Soho

-dramatic shop windows… Broadwick Silks stocks a massively diverse range of fabrics: fashion, bridal, silk, furnishing.  They also supply fabrics to the theatrical, film and television industries.  Their fabrics have even played starring roles in  Oscar and Bafta nominated and winning films. The window displays are suitably dramatic: Broadwick Silks, 9-11 Broadwick Street, London W1F 0DB . This is postedContinue reading “Silk in Soho”

Rainbow-coloured stationery at Blott

Beautiful stationery always cheers me up and makes a hard day at work that little bit easier. So I was delighted when I discovered this shop in Guildford this week.  It is one of a small chain.  The first opened in Tunbridge Wells in March 2011, and there are now five other stores in theContinue reading “Rainbow-coloured stationery at Blott”