Treadwell’s, a magical bookshop

Store Street, in Bloomsbury, used to house offices of the British Library, and is now home to Treadwells book store. The only word to describe this shop is “esoteric”.  When I visited last week, there was a display of Russian literature near the door, and there are also miscellaneous books on travel, history, poetry andContinue reading “Treadwell’s, a magical bookshop”

Graffiti at Urban Outfitters flagship store, London

The new Urban Outfitters store at Park House on Oxford Street, London is now open. It is large, bright and inviting. In accordance with its name, the urban theme includes graffiti on walls and furnishings. Upstairs you’ll find a music listening station: and a good selection of mainly art-related books, plus clothing and some gifts andContinue reading “Graffiti at Urban Outfitters flagship store, London”

The oldest bookshop in London

For a bookshop with history and atmosphere head to Hatchards at 187 Piccadilly, next to Fortnum and Mason and opposite the Royal Academy.  It was established in 1797 and is the oldest surviving bookshop in London. Previous customers include some of Britain’s famous political, social and literary figures such as Benjamin Disraeli, Rudyard Kipling, OscarContinue reading “The oldest bookshop in London”

Russian bookstore in London, or Русский книжный магазин в Лондоне

The Russian bookshop in Waterstones on Piccadilly is a delight. This gallery area at the rear groundfloor of the flagship Waterstones store used to be the travel department, but has recently been converted into a Russian bookshop.  Clamber the spiral staircase and you enter another world.  There is a large selection of books in Russian,Continue reading “Russian bookstore in London, or Русский книжный магазин в Лондоне”

Harry Potter arrives at Kings Cross – again!

The Harry Potter shop is now open at Kings Cross, next to Watermark. The luggage trolley, now loaded with luggage and an owl cage is still there and attracts a perpetual queue of people keen to have their image captured as they push the trolley through the wall at platform 9 ¾. . The newContinue reading “Harry Potter arrives at Kings Cross – again!”

Melancholy Moscow

I have just returned from a brief trip to Moscow. The weather there was bitterly cold, something it happened to share with China which was having its first harsh snows of the winter. Something Russia didn’t appear to share with China, however, was a desire to provide customer service. If only the Muscovites had beenContinue reading “Melancholy Moscow”

London Bookstores

Reading an article, this morning, on books with vanishing ink inspired me to write about a couple of my favourite London bookshops. I go in and out of London a lot, usually through Kings Cross station.  I was delighted to see that the opening of the new Kings Cross brought with it a new bookshop, Watermark. Continue reading “London Bookstores”