Fabulous Marni shopper bags

High on my S/S 2013 hit list are these fabulous printed PVC shopper bags from the new Marni collection.

Striped or checked on one side, they are a great addition to any monochrome outfit.  And the bright print on the other side adds a real splash of colour and fun.

I adore donkeys so that’s my favourite, but the yellow tiger comes a very close second.

Available online at Marni, priced £180: http://www.marni.com/item/store/MARNI/tskay/B84CE7A2/season/secondary/rr/1/cod10/45186027AJ/areaid//sts/

Matching tshirts available, priced £150: http://www.marni.com/item/store/MARNI/tskay/B84CE7A2/season/secondary/rr/1/cod10/37409243EK/areaid//sts/

Originally published on 14 January 2013.

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