I normally admire all those that can produce tremendous nail art, but these are just plain weird.  They certainly give a smile or yeugh on paper / screen though.  Hard to choose the very worst!  Take a look:

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#10 Tetris Nail Art

We recommend sticking to the game instead of tricking your nails out with this crazy design!via http://www.boredpanda.com/

#9 Black Lace

These nails have way too much going on. Maybe one of the designs would have worked but not the whole collection of nail art on one nail. via http://manicure.wonderhowto.com/

#8 Garden Nails

We recommend that you limit your flowers to your garden. This can’t be practical. via http://five-plus-five.blogspot.com/

#7 Lawn Nails

OK, this one we really don’t get. Who want’s their nails to resemble a lawn? via http://hurricanevanessa.com/

#6 Princess Gone Horribly Wrong

You know those puffy pens with feathers at the ends? Yeah, your nails should never look like that.via http://starreprincess.blogspot.com/

#5 Creepy Eye

We feel that this creepy eye nail art keeps staring at us. Reserve for Halloween or, better yet, not at all!  via http://s3-ak.buzzfeed.com/

#4 Bling Overload

These horrible nail designs need a fire extinguisher stat!
via http://www.buzzfeed.com/

#3 Duck Feet Nails

All we’ve got to say about this one is WTF? Who in the world would want to wear duck feet?

via http://prima-haven.com/

#2 Action Figure Nails

This look is downright frightening and it takes action figures to a place where we’d never want to go!
via http://blog.flauntme.com/

#1 Fantasy Nail Art

We love a good fairy tale but these nails take them to a scary new level.
 via http://www.guidespot.com/

Via Worst Nail Art Ever – Likes.