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Like animals? Love pandas? Take a look at this display from Louis Vuitton in Wuhan, China.

Louis Vuitton Go Wild.  Reblogged from  Louis Vuitton Go Wild | ELLE UK.

By Tamsin Crimmens Posted: Friday 31 May 2013

Handbag zoo anyone?  Photo by REX

We’ve all fantasized about packing for a weekend away, casually depositing our sunnies and sandals into gorgeous Louis Vuitton luggage. Well imagine that but, instead of a classic Vuitton-checked trunk or holdall, it’s a panda.

Yes, you heard us right, French fashion giant Louis Vuitton has made a collection of animals made out of handbags for a special ‘zoo’ celebrating the opening of its new flagship store in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

The zoo houses a total of 23 animals, including a giant panda, a cricket, an armadillo and a beaver, in the atrium of Wuhan International Plaza. The panda alone took more than two months and 74 Louis Vuitton bags to complete.

ELLE’s Accessories Editor Donna Wallace loves the idea of pitching up at the airport carrying one of these creations “It’s certainly up there with more extraordinary uses for your Vuitton Damier luxury item of choice, and probably one with the biggest cute factor”

Just admit it, who hasn’t dreamt of owning a Louis Vuitton armadillo bag?