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To make and apply this fabulous banana as part of your manicure follow these instructions from MarikoManikua.

1. Paint your nails white. I used the color “Cream Tea” from Butter London

2. Print out pictures of the banana painting so that they fit your nail. Then tape a plastic bag or a piece of plastic wrap onto the paper. As you can see I was going to put the words “Peel slowly and see” onto my nails, but I found that it was too hard to write that small with a brush.

3. Next get a very small nail brush. You can use a painting brush or makeup brush if you don’t have a nail brush.

4. Get black nail polish. I used “Union Jack Black” from Butter London. Using the brush and the black nail polish, paint over the black parts of the banana.

5. Then get yellow nail polish. I used “Lightening” from Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri collection. Paint the yellow polish onto the yellow part of the banana with the small brush. Paint several coats of the yellow onto the banana design so that it shows up. Don’t worry about getting some of the yellow polish onto the black, we’ll go over with black polish again.

6. Repaint the black part of the banana with the black polish.

7. Lightly dab clear polish onto the banana design, don’t spread it on. I did this so that the black on the banana wouldn’t bleed into the yellow. Once the polish dries, peel off the banana.
8. Paint clear polish onto your nail and put the banana onto it. You can put bananas onto all your nails or you can just put it on your ring finger like me. Then paint another coat of clear polish on top of the banana to seal it in. And that’s it!



Reblogged from MarikoManikua – many thanks for such an innovative manicure.