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I love all things nails, and being in NYC gives me the opportunity to see what’s hot in the streets. I recently was in MAC and saw their new, limited-edition falsies nail collection and instantly fell in love. Loved the matte black with shiny gold tips, the red/white/black theme and the white with black moons and tips. What I didn’t like was the price ($25). It’s not that bad, but I also hate wearing fake nails with the chance of them falling or breaking off (embarrassing!!). So, being the nail junkie I am I decided to grab our first-aid friend, the band-aid and get to work!!

I first heard of the band-aid trick through one of my favorite blogging channels, Andrea’s Choice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WOBA9simFY and it was so easy, I’ve been doing it ever since. You basically get perfect french or reverse french every time! Watch the DIY below to get perfect reverse french nails without having to fork out the cash for the falsies!

Supplies you will need:
white nail polish;
black nail polish;
5 band-aids (cut in half);
base coat/top coat.


After applying base coat/hardener, paint all of your nails black. I only needed to use one coat for this and I recommend the same for you.

Once the black is *completely* dry, grab the band-aids (at this point they should be cut in half) and using the round side of each band-aid piece, apply to the half-moon of your nail. Make sure to stick band-aid to your hand (3-4 times) first to get some of the stickiness off so the band-aid doesn’t pull off the polish.

Once you have all of the band-aids stuck in the right place on your nails, paint the top portion above the band-aid white. I used two coats for this color since I think white chips more easily.

Let dry.

Once they are dry, peel the band-aids off (go slow).

Tada!! Now you have beautiful reverse french nails!! Just remember to apply top coat.Black and white reverse-french mani!

Black and white reverse-french mani!


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