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“Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.”
– Author Unknown

It is December again already and our frenzied Christmas shopping is in full flow.  So many of us spend too much and come to regret it in January.  For many of us, we have already had our last pay packet before Christmas so there’s a huge temptation now to rely on our credit cards.

Personally, I prefer to budget by spending cash rather than using credit cards.  That way I know exactly what I have spent so far.  I might have to put more thought into selecting presents but it usually results in a better, more suitable, or more fun, present.  Plus, the big bonus is that I have money left to spend in the January sales!

There’s a nice article here that tells a similar story: http://www.cash-is-cool.com/blogs/student_blogger/439/no_cards_this_christmas

What do you think? Cash or cards?